Baltimore’s Favorite Cookie

Bergers Cookies

Mmmmm…Bergers Cookies~ the most recognized and craved cookie in Maryland. It seems that anyone who has lived in Maryland at one time or another never forgets these delightfully decadent fudge frosting-heavy goodies! The Berger Cookie Recipe was brought to America from Germany by George and Henry Berger in 1835 and has been with us ever since. Though the bakery has changed hands several times throughout its long history, the recipe remains the same~ and Marylanders are grateful! Here’s the scoop of how this famous cookie got started …

In 1835 two brothers named George and Henry Berger traveled to the United States from Germany. George, was a metal worker and lived in West Baltimore, Henry, was a baker and lived in East Baltimore. Henry had three sons, George, Henry and Otto. Each brother opened their own little bakery, with the exception of Henry who took over his father’s bakery.

In the late 1800s “open air” markets dominated the way people shopped. They could purchase all their food needs in one general area. Each vendor had their own little shop, or as they were known, stall. It is believed that each brother maintained a stall in one of about five markets throughout the city.

Around the turn of the century Otto died and George and Henry combined the three bakeries, thus forming “Bergers”. As the automobile became more of a way of travel the brothers expanded the business to the other markets. Sadly, Henry passed away and that left George as the sole proprietor of the bakery.

Bergers cookies


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One Response to “Baltimore’s Favorite Cookie”

  1. Mike Says:

    I just ordered 2 dozen cookies and a half of the chocolate cake to be delivered tomorrow. I tried one Berger cookie in my life and it was delicious.

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