Remembering Hall Springs In Herring Run Park

Hall's Springs

For decades people used to come to Hall Springs in Herring Run Park for its pristine spring drinking water. As a child, I was always fascinated with Hall Springs~ the cool clear stream winding its way between old man-made stone walls. I used to lie across the cement foot bridges on my tummy and dip a paper cup into the stream to try to catch crayfish. On hot summer days, it was always a treat to sip the cold water that continuously flowed out of drinking pipes. People in cars would pull up close to the pipes which were surrounded by a gothic stone wall and fill empty gallon jugs to take home…

There were picnic tables situated close to the spring and I remember being there once at night for some sort of function. I think it had something to do with my brothers’ Cub Scout troop. We ate water melon at the picnic tables and my school gym teacher and all around great guy, Mr. Hession got all the kids involved in a watermelon seed spitting contest. Great Fun!

Hall Springs was once a part of the Eutaw estate owned by William Smith. It was later purchased by William Carvel Hall, who also owned a mill located between Harford and Belair roads. The Hall Springs Hotel, a popular spot for picnickers and truck farmers was located in Herring Run Park on the old Harford Turnpike. It boasted comfortable rooms and meals served to transient visitors upon short notice, a spring of remarkably pure water, handsome grounds, as well as transportation via the Hall Springs Railway. There are no signs of the hotel today and the drinking pipes have been sealed for some time now, but the beauty of the spring itself remains.  Fran~

Herring Run Park


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2 Responses to “Remembering Hall Springs In Herring Run Park”

  1. Aiken Says:

    My understanding is that Hall’s name was Josias Carville Hall not William Carville Hall?? Does anyone have any additional information they can pass long.

  2. Hall Springs Hotel – The Herring Run Archaeology Project Says:

    […] and elsewhere in northeast Baltimore know about the Hall Spring in Herring Run Park and have likely heard about the former hotel that once stood across the road from the historic […]

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